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Bradley Maintains Privacy Zone

Despite his encouraging numbers in New Hampshire and Iowa, Democratic presidential challenger Bill Bradley lags far behind Vice President Al Gore in national polls.

Bradley explained that up to 40 percent of the American people still do not know who he is.

"I would like to think they know me as a senator or basketball player, but in fact, they don't," Bradley told CBS Early Show Anchor Bryant Gumbel. "What I have to do is go out and tell the rest of the country who I am, what I believe and what I want to do with the country."

However, Bradley has attempted to redefine the candidate privacy zone during his campaign. For example, despite checking into a hospital recently for an irregular heartbeat, he has not released his full medical records and says some questions about his life are not "appropriate."

"The public has a right to know a lot about me, what I believe and where I want to take the country," Bradley said.

With the Iowa caucus less than three weeks away and the New Hampshire primary close on its heels, the presidential candidates are in the final sprint of their race to the White House.

"It's still important to draw the differences between us," Bradley said. "I think it's important to give the people a sense of our different leaderships and what they mean for the country."

The former senator is set for a series of debates with Gore beginning Wednesday night. Although he said he has tried to remain positive in regard to Gore during the campaign, Bradley said it is very easy to become negative.

"It takes discipline to be positive in this kind of atmosphere." Bradley said. "You can only take elbows so long and you have to return them."

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