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Brad Pitt's Sailing Along

Brad Pitt has been willing to try just about anything in his career, appearing in both big budget blockbusters and small independent films.

A movie star who has become an icon of cool for a young generation, Pitt is finally doing something especially for the kids.

In his first-ever animated role, Pitt voiced the part of the rogue of the seven seas, Sinbad the Sailor, a part he had been playing on and off for a year-and-a-half. People magazine and Early Show Entertainment contributor Jess Cagle sat down with the A-list actor to talk about "Sinbad: Legend Of The Seven Seas."

"Everyone else was on it [the movie] for four years," Pitt says. "So, it's a pretty extensive feat to pull these things off."

Normally, animators try to incorporate the physical gestures and movements of the actors voicing them. They videotaped Pitt to capture his mannerisms. The actor says now that he has seen the finished product, however, he does not recognize himself in his animated character. "Not a bit. I didn't see a thing," he says. Physically, both are strong-chinned but Sinbad has dark hair and eyes.

About doing the film, Pitt says, "This is my kind of film. I really enjoyed it. I have got nieces and nephews. I want to do something that they would enjoy."

Currently he is working on the movie "Troy."

"I'm excited about it," he says. "You do the research, you get into this culture that was pre-Christ, 1,300 years pre-Christ. It's really fascinating."

He says he has been training with swords for the role. "Much, much sword work for about six months now," Pitt says. Something he enjoys doing. For the movie "Snatch," he trained to be a boxer. "I learned a few skills," Pitt says, "A really cool aspect of our job, is that we get to sink ourselves into things that normally wouldn't get to learn, I guess."

So does it ever get tedious having to keep himself buff? Pitt says, "Sure! I eat healthy and all that which I'm not too crazy about, it gets tedious at times, but I love the payoff at the end, it's worth it."

A couple years ago in an interview, Pitt said he felt some frustration that being a star can sometimes overpower a small movie that the actor may want to do. Does he still feel that way?

Pitt says, "I think that our baggage can get in the way of a small movie keeping it free, on the other hand, we get to do things like 'Troy,' so I guess there's a healthy balance. Can't have it all."

Pitt who has appeared on an episode of MTV's "Jackass," and is a big fan of the film and "Girls Gone Wild," says "'Girls Gone Wild.' I just succumb to the advertising. My wife actually broke down and bought me some for my birthday. Laughing ,he adds, "She, team player."

When asked about his marriage and the ratio of the time he finds the attention it gets it irritating versus the time he finds it humorous, he laughs, "It's pretty even split really." He thinks about it and says, "No, I have no complaints. You know, we know the game, what we've got to do if we need some time by ourselves. Like she came out and we got to have a great husband and wife weekend in Malta so, it's not impossible."

It sounds like he does have it all, the widest possible range of parts and projects and a rather nice lady at home who enjoys the "Girls Gone Wild" video.

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