Brad Meltzer: I want my daughter to learn to fight

Author Brad Meltzer in the "CBS This Morning" studio.
CBS News

(CBS News) - When Brad Meltzer submitted the manuscript for his new book, "Heroes for my Daughter," his editor told him there was a problem.

She said that he used one word over and over again. That word was "fighter."

"I want my daughter to learn how to fight," Meltzer said Monday on "CBS This Morning." "I tell [her], 'Don't be the princess waiting for the prince to rescue you. You can rescue yourself."

Meltzer is known to TV viewers as the host of "Brad Meltzer's Decoded," on the History Channel, and the co-creator of "Jack and Bobby." Readers know him as the author of best-sellers such as, "The Inner Circle" and "The Book of Fate."

Author Talk: Brad Meltzer

"Heroes for my Daughter" is his attempt to give his little girl stories of inspirational women and men that he sees as good examples to live one's life by. He got the idea when his now six-year-old daughter was born.

"I'm going to write a book for her whole life," he said. "And fill it full of stories to make her a good woman."

Meltzer previously wrote "Heroes for My Son," in 2010.

His favorite hero in the book is his grandmother, who, despite adversity, persevered and kept going on. Above all, because she had family, she thought she had everything.

Meltzer leaves the last page of the book blank, for what he calls "the best hero."

"Your hero is here," he said. "You write that hero."