BP CEO Says They'll Know in "24, 48 Hours" if the "Top Kill" Has Worked

Updated with video at 7:21pm, 5/26/10

In an interview today with CBS News chief investigative correspondent Armen Keteyian, British Petroleum CEO Tony Hayward said it'll be "24, 48 hours" before they'll know if the "top kill" effort is successful.

The "top kill" is the latest effort to plug the gushing well in the Gulf of Mexico by force-feeding it heavy drilling mud, a maneuver never before tried 5,000 feet underwater.

Interview with BP's CEO

If that doesn't work, Hayword said the next plan "is to use a containment cap"

Hayward added, "we have a plan that has a whole series of interventions that are being worked through - day by day in days and weeks, not months."

"We will absolutely clean every drop of oil up," Hayward told Keteyian.