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'Boys' Aikman Seen At Mob Party

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman attended two parties hosted by Dominick Montemarano, a convicted racketeer, the Daily News reported Sunday.

However, the newspaper said that Aikman wasn't suspected of any wrongdoing. Aikman's agent, Leigh Steinberg, said the three-time Super Bowl winner had little contact with Montemarano.

"He went there with a friend, David Norrie, and never really spent any time with (Montemarano)," Steinberg was quoted as saying. "Troy had no idea about his background at all."

Attempts by The Associated Press to reach Steinberg on Sunday were unsuccessful.

Norrie, a former UCLA quarterback like Aikman, said Aikman wasn't worried.

"He knows he's done nothing wrong," Norrie said. "He just went to a social gathering, where there were 20 or 30 other people."

The newspaper said that Rick Neuheisel, the recently appointed Washington football coach and former Colorado coach, also attended one of Montemarano's parties. He, too, said he was unaware of Montemarano's reputation.

"David's a good friend and he invited me to one of Dominick's Monday Night Football parties when I was in town recruiting," Neuheisel told the newspaper. "I had no idea who (Montemarano) was. I was shocked. ..."

Montemarano was convicted of racketeering with mob boss Carmine Persico in 1986. He served 11 years of an 18-year sentence before being released.

Recently, the News reported that Montemarano and current UCLA football players, including star quarterback Cade McNown, were the focus of a coast-to-coast point-shaving probe by the FBI. No evidence was found of any wrongdoing by any athlete.

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