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Boys, 13 and 14, allegedly fatally shot woman for phone, video game device

FORT WORTH, Texas – Two boys, ages 13 and 14, have been arrested on capital murder charges for allegedly fatally shooting a woman during a break-in, reports CBS DFW.

Because of the boys' ages, Fort Worth Police are withholding the suspect's names. The boys allegedly stole a phone and a video gaming device.

According to the station, the victim, Yesenia Gutierrez was home with her 3-year-old son on Friday, May 18, around noon, when the break-in happened. Gutierrez  was later discovered in 'a pool of blood' by her husband, Carlos Landa, after he arrived at the scene.

According to the police report, Landa said that he was "at work when he received a text message from his wife at approximately 11:05 a.m." He said the message asked him to answer his phone. Police said Landa responded to the text message, asking what was wrong. When Gutierrez did not respond, Landa became concerned and left work early to head to her apartment.

When Landa arrived, police said he saw the apartment door kicked in and his bleeding wife on the floor.

Police said he tried to help his wife and was covered in her blood when they arrived. Their three-year-old boy was not injured. According to the station, Gutierrez was a stay-at-home mom and had two other school age children.

Members of the Gutierrez' family reportedly said she fought to keep the burglars out of the room where her son was.

Fort Worth Police later located the suspects after reviewing surveillance video from the area, talking to other residents and "coordinating with members of the department's robbery and gang units" according to the statement. Officers subsequently detained an unnamed adult who led them to a possible weapon used in the attack and also to the two suspects.

According to police "Suspect 1" claimed he was a "300 Crip Mafia" gang member and that he kicked in the door and demanded Gutierrez' phone. He said "the lady" handed over her phone and he walked outside to wait on the other suspect. The station reports that according to the police report, "Suspect 2" said that he and "Suspect 1," looked through the victim's window and saw a gaming device. He reportedly told officers they thought it would be an "easy lick."  "Suspect 2" told police that "Suspect 1" allegedly shot Gutierrez in the back of the head after she turned away from them.

CBS DFW reports that the mother of the 13-year-old boy accused in the crime said her son never entered the building and that the 14-year-old had the gun and kicked in the door. According to the station, the family of one of the boys said a judge decided to keep them in juvenile detention for now.

Police said firearms testing was done on the 9mm handgun found during the investigation and has been connected with the crime.