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Boyfriend Bails, Ball Hits Girlfriend -- on Tape

A certain boyfriend had some explaining to do after an incident at an Astros - Atlanta Braves game in Houston Monday night.

They were sitting in field-level boxes down the left field line when a foul ball was hit their way. Rather than trying to catch it, he scurried out of the way, and the ball hit his girlfriend in the right arm. She apparently suffered only bruises, and the two were seen smiling about it later.

It was all caught on video.

He's been dubbed "The Bailer" in some quarters!

In an interview at the game, according to, the woman, identified only as Sarah, said she'd tried to persuade the man, named Bo, to change their seats, fearing a ball could come their way. But, she said, he said he'd catch it if one did.

And one did.

Bo, who got the ball for Sarah, claims he meant to grab it but -- he lost it in the lights!