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Boy shares foul ball with another young fan at Detroit Tigers game

DETROIT — Major League Baseball's play of the week happened in Detroit Tuesday night. But it wasn't on the field; it happened in the stands.

A routine foul ball at the Detroit Tigers game became anything but when 10-year-old Travis Blackwell decided to give the ball to an even younger fan, 7-year-old Michael Ogden.

"I said, 'Can I give this ball to that kid down there because it's his birthday today,'" Travis said.

Travis Blackwell and Michael Ogden. CBS News

He said that a couple years ago, he went to a game and got a ball, and the experience made his day. That's why he wanted to share the love.

"I was kind of bummed, and then I got him catch a ball, and he just came down and gave it to me... I think was awesome," Michael said.

But the boys weren't done spreading happiness.

"A ball came over the net and the guy gave it to me," Michael said. "Then this little girl was sitting behind us, and I gave the ball to her, and it was her first baseball she has ever had."

Travis called it a "line of awesomeness." A line of awesomeness that became a home run in a lesson on civility.

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