Boy Refuses to Drive with Allegedly Drunk Mom; Vt. 14-Year-Old Wins Praise, Mother Gets Arrested

DUI, drunk driving, trial,
DUI, drunk driving, trial,
BURLINGTON, Vt. (CBS/AP) A 14-year-old boy took a hard line with own mother by refusing to get into the car with her when she appeared to be drunk. The teen is winning praise from prosecutors, while his mother was arrested for driving under the influence... again.

Police in Williston, Vt. say 40-year-old Nancy Contois of South Burlington fought with her son and officers before she was arrested Tuesday, Aug. 3 outside a Toys R' Us store.

Police say Contois' son refused to get back in the car with her after she hit another car in the parking lot.

Contois has three prior drunk driving convictions. Police say her blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit for driving. She pleaded not guilty to six charges.

Prosecutor T.J. Donovan says the 14-year-old helped avert a tragedy.

He and a younger brother were released to their father.