Boy, 6, raises $10K through lemonade stand for dad's cancer treatments

Drew Cox, 6, started a lemonade stand to help pay for his dad's cancer treatments
Drew Cox, 6, started a lemonade stand to help pay for his dad's cancer treatments

(CBS News) A six-year-old, determined to raise money to help his father pay for his cancer treatments, has raised $10,000 in one day. He did it the old fashioned way -- making lemonade out of lemons.

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Although he may be young, Drew Cox of Gladwater, Texas understood that his father, Randy Cox, was sick and money was necessary to help make him better. Randy had been diagnosed with with seminoma, which is usually a type of testicular cancer but appeared as tumors in his chest and other locations,  MSNBC reported.

So, the little entrepreneur started his own lemonade stand to help out with the payments. "I just made this because I wanted to help him pay his bills," Drew told CBS affiliate KYTX in Tyler, Texas.

His mother, Tonya Cox, said her son had a big heart when it came to his father.

"He knows that Daddy's gone a lot and every time Daddy goes it takes a little bit more money," Tonya said to KYTX.

Even though the Cox family has insurance, Randy's treatments are so expensive they are facing thousands of dollars of bills. He will undergo his fourth round of chemotherapy in a couple of weeks, and doctors will determine if he needs more treatment in May.

The family never expected that the lemonade stand would be a hit. People stopped by all day and helped the cause, including one Good Samaritan who wrote a $5000 check, MSNBC reported.

Randy was especially touched by his son's efforts. He told KLTV it was comforting knowing his children cared for him.

"It's also hard too, to help them understand that I am sick and that I can't do as much with them that I'd like to, but they're really smart young kids and they do understand that," Randy said. "Of course my youngest is just a baby and I don't get to hold him as much and love on him as much as I do, but at least the other two I can kind of explain to them what's going on."