Bowman Fined, Players Skate

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Detroit Red Wings coach Scotty Bowman was fined $1,000 by the NHL on Thursday for his role in an altercation with a cameraman between periods of the Detroit-Tampa Bay game last Sunday.

In a release, the NHL said that no disciplinary action would be taken against two Detroit players also involved in incidents during the game.

Bowman was walking down the tunnel to the team's dressing room when he encountered a TV crew setting up for an interview. Bowman said he pushed the cameraman out of the way so he could get into his office. The cameraman said he was pushed but admitted he could have been blocking the coach's path.

Detroit players Steve Yzerman and Martin Lapointe denied abusing a cameraman shooting behind the team's bench. According to reports, Yzerman tried to grab a camera and Lapointe threatened and spit at a cameraman.

"The truth is I would never spit on somebody. I would punch him first," Lapointe said Tuesday.

Yzerman said the incident has been blown out of proportion.

"I touched his camera. I didn't push him at all. He basically just ignored us," Yzerman said. "We asked the guy to move. It happens pretty much every single game we play and every cameraman just simply backs up a foot. He didn't want to do that."

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