Botox Maker Busy Testing Drug Overseas


by Laura Strickler, CBS News Investigates

While drug maker Allergan has pled guilty to illegally marketing its drug Botox for unapproved uses such as migraines, CBS News has learned that the manufacturer has been busy testing the drug overseas for the same ailments.

Current drug trials by Allergan using Botox for the following ailments include: migraines, spasticity, overactive bladder, enlarged prostates, Parkinson's disease, clenched teeth, spinal cord injuries, hyper sweating, eyelid twitching, depression, arthritis and curvature of the penis according to records at

Allergan is recruiting patients and running these trials in countries such as India, Poland, Russia, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey and Serbia. Clinical trials in those countries could one day be used by the manufacturer to legally market the drug for those uses.

Justice Department officials said today that Allergan made it a "top corporate priority" to market the drugs for off-label use. Officials say Allergan will pay a $600 million fine.