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Both Candidates Flying High After Debate

From CBS News' Maria Gavrilovic:

(OXFORD, MISS.) - Shortly after the first debate ended, Barack Obama and John McCain rushed out of the University of Mississippi and headed their separate ways as their advisers were left behind to spin the media. By the looks of both presidential candidates, they were satisfied by their performances.

John McCain stopped by a post-debate party at a local college bar, where roughly 1,000 supporters anxiously awaited his arrival. With his wife Cindy and daughter Meghan by his side, McCain appeared to be in good spirits.

"Well, my friends, do you think we showed them who's qualified to be commander in chief?" he asked the cheering crowd.

As Obama departed the debate site with his wife Michelle, he was spotted fist bumping a staffer and smiling. He immediately boarded his campaign bus headed to Memphis tonight, and could be seen watching post-debate coverage on the cable networks. Moments after spotting a member of the traveling press corps peering into his bus, Obama leaned over and shut the large shades on the bus.

McCain will fly to Washington, D.C. tonight to monitor the bailout negotiations. Tomorrow morning, Obama will head to North Carolina for a campaign rally with Joe Biden.

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