Boston's gangs: Interviewing "The Executioner"

Steve Kroft's interview with former "Whitey" Bulger associate John Martorano

The Executioner

James "Whitey" Bulger, a notorious Boston gangster on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted list for his alleged role in 19 murders, was captured Wednesday near Los Angeles after living on the run for 16 years, law enforcement officials said.

In 2008, Steve Kroft interviewed John Martorano, a key player in Boston's Winter Hill Gang, which was run by Bulger. For more than a decade, Martorano was the gang's chief executioner and one of the most feared men in Boston.

Bulger's love of killing
"Whitey" Bulger arrest ends 16-year FBI manhunt

In this video from the archives of "60 Minutes," hear from Martorano, who confessed to 20 murders, served only 12 years in prison, and has living been the quiet life of a retiree in Boston.