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Boston parents warned of deadly "NBOMe" drug sold to kids

EVERETT, Mass. -- Police are warning that a potentially deadly designer drug -- NBOMe -- has been marketed to school-aged children in the Boston region.

CBS Boston reports that police in Everett, Mass. arrested two people over the weekend "for displaying strange self-destructive behavior" believed to be linked to the drug, which is also known as "25i," and sometimes referred to as "N-Bomb."

NBOMe sells for between $1.50 and $5 a dose in the Boston region, and it's often marketed as LSD, the station says. Police say it's toxic and can have devastating side effects.

"Drug educators say it's one of the most disturbing developments in the drug scene in the last 20 years," Everett police said in a widely shared Facebook post. "Be sure to educate your kids about this new deadly is in the Metro Boston area."

In November 2013, the federal Drug Enforcement Administration classified three types of NBOMe as Schedule I -- placing the recreational drug among those the agency considers most dangerous.

"The NBOMe compounds are substantially more potent than other hallucinogenic compounds, and the data suggest that extremely small amounts of these drugs can cause seizures, cardiac and respiratory arrest, and death," the agency said in a statement announcing the move to Schedule I. "Indeed, these compounds have been linked to the deaths of at least 19 Americans aged 15 to 29 between March of 2012 and August of 2013."

Police say parents should look for stickers or blotter papers resembling LSD, and say the drug can come in powder or pill form.