Boston fisherman hooks handgun

A Boston fisherman thought he had caught a bluefish, like the one above. Actually, he hooked a handgun.
(CBS/AP) BOSTON - A Boston man who thought he was reeling in a bluefish off a city beach hauled in an "upsetting and scary" catch instead.

A handgun.

Alberto Pina said he at first thought he'd hooked a big one when his fishing pole bent Sunday afternoon at Carson Beach, one day after he'd landed in nice, fat 27-inch blue.

But this time what rose out of the water was a barnacle-encrusted gun.

The Roxbury man said what was particularly upsetting is that he had his 3-year-old son with him.

Boston police spokeswoman Nicole Grant tells the Boston Herald that Pina called 911 at to report his "catch." Detectives were dispatched to the scene to recover the weapon and start an investigation.