"Booty Lounge" stripper bus booted from Detroit

A picture of the bus was posted on the "Booty Lounge" Facebook page.

DETROIT - A party bus that was apparently operating as a strip club for reveling Lions fans at a popular tailgating spot in Detroit has gotten the boot from the city.

The Detroit News reports the "Booty Lounge" bus was parked Monday outside a bar in the Eastern Market area ahead of the Lions home game against the Chicago Bears. The operator agreed to move the bus at the request of police.

Stripper bus at Lions game flagged by cops

Bus operator Joe Parsons said he has a lawyer investigating what permits the bus needs, but he said Detroit has no ordinance against "mobile entertainment clubs."

Police have said they believe the arrangement was illegal.

According to the Detroit News, Police Sgt. Charles Spruce said Monday: "If they're in there and they have semi-dressed girls, or they're in there dancing nude or whatever, that's a violation. If we find illegal activities on the bus, we will confiscate the bus, and we will give the property owner, because he does possess a liquor license, a Michigan liquor license violation. The people on the bus will receive another kind of violation."

Investigators have said they believed fans tailgating before a Lions home game earlier this year were allowed onboard the bus after forking over $10.

The Detroit News says the bus has been a fixture at the Lions tailgating scene since 2005.