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"Go Girl! Raising Healthy, Confident and Successful Girls Through Sports"
Several years ago, when my daughters were young, I began to have questions about their sports participation.

At age 4, I had gotten my daughter into soccer and tried to get her to do some figure skating. Both were a real disaster! And I thought to myself, I've been a sportscaster all my life, but I really know next to nothing when it comes to raising my daughters as athletes. So I hit the library, looking for information, and couldn't find anything about girls and sports. That's how I decided to write a book about it myself.

What I came to realize, in researching the book, is just how critical sports are to the well being of our daughters; physically, mentally, and emotionally. And even though a child is not necessarily a "natural athlete" there is a sport for everyone and the most important thing is to just have fun. This is my parenting guide that takes girls from infancy to high school. A lot of girls have told me they enjoy reading it, too.

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"Notre Dame Inspirations: The University's Most Successful Alumni Talk About Life, Spirituality, Football-and Everything Else Under the Dome"
As you can probably tell from watching me on the air, I'm a huge fan of my alma mater the University of Notre Dame. One day, while thumbing through an alumni magazine, I came upon a list of graduates who were very successful in different fields. I started to wonder what had happened to them during their four years of college that inspired them to go on and do great things.

I talked to folks like Regis Philbin, Phil Donahue, Joe Montana, best selling author Nicholas Sparks and others about those important college years and the lessons they learned. I found that not only did this group of grads achieve great things, they've actually lived their lives in such a way as to inspire others to greatness as well. The best thing about the book is not only the great stories people tell, but also the fact that proceeds go to the Hannah Storm Journalism Internship.

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Family Circle
Jan. - June 2007

"How to Get Anyone to Open Up" (May 2006)