Book excerpt: "Sole Survivor" by Holly K. Dunn

The inspiring true story of coming face to face with the infamous Railroad Killer

The Railroad Killer
The Railroad Killer 42:44

Holly Dunn was the only survivor among the 15 victims of Angel Maturino Resendiz, the serial killer known as the "Railroad Killer" because he stalked his prey along the railroad tracks from Kentucky to Texas. 

Holly Dunn book
To mark the 20-year anniversary of her survival, Holly Dunn has written a book due out in November 2017. Jeff Seymore/Epic Photo and Design

Here is a preview of "Sole Survivor," the book Dunn has written about her own harrowing story. It comes out in November. 

One excerpt details the attack on Holly and her friend Chris Maier and the other the beginning of her recovery with the help of her sister Heather, among others.