Boo! Who Makes The Costume? You!

Does the thought of making a Halloween costume for your child scare you?

Well, have no fear!

The Saturday Early Show asked Amy Nebens and Jara Nagrin, co-creators of the Web site The Posh Mom Life, to share some tips on making simple (yet sensational) costumes on a shoestring. They brought their children along to help model some of their creations.

Here's where they got their supplies (other than ones they had lying around home):,, and momAgenda.

Here is what you need for your Craft Toolbox:

  • fabrics
  • scissors
  • glue
  • sewing kit
  • Velcro
  • glitter
  • tiger stripes
  • colored tape (for sun headband)
  • oak tag

    Fairy Godmother
    Use what you have at home: old purse, small packet of tissues, keys, agenda book, and her most dressy "mom-like" outfit.

    Fasten "mom accessories" to purse, using chain link, twine, or fishing wire.

    Embellish store-bought white tulle wings, using marabou feathers and a glue gun.

    Create wand with 6-inch glow light stick and small Styrofoam shape (star, heart, circle). Glitter Styrofoam shape, push light stick through bottom of shape, attach cell phone to shape by making a tape loop that will affix to back of cell phone and front of shape.

    Ocean Wave
    Tie-dye an old white pillow case blue or use a blue pillow case. Cut out arm holes in pillowcase and a hole for child's head.

    Make a fish template (use clip art or draw freehand) and trace onto an adhesive-backed foam board.

    Cut out fish from foam; repeat for as many fish or other sea creatures you desire.

    Trace fish (or other sea life) onto decorative vellum paper. (The Posh Moms created rainbow fish, using brightly colored striped vellum.) Cut out vellum. Using double-sided tape, stick vellum on foam cut-out.

    Peel adhesive off back of fish and affix to pillow case.

    Spray hair with blue fluorescent hairspray.

    Fashion Police
    This costume is perfect for a fashion-savvy older girl.

    Trim a long-sleeved black T-shirt from her closet with faux fur around cuffs and hem using Velcro tape. Iron on sparkle letters to spell out "fashion police."

    To create a nightstick, decoupage or glue on cut-outs from fashion magazines onto an 18-inch dowel. Attach a "fashion don't" sign to top with clear duct tape in back. You can created it by cutting out a black oak tag circle and rimming diameter with a red foam board circle and slashing through the center with a red foam board line.

    For the rest of the outfit, use what's in her closet: a short denim skirt, black tights, black boots. And check the toy chest for any type of police hat.

    Tiger Woods
    It's a play-on-words costume. Dress up in an orange polo shirt fit with tiger stripes, created by cutting out shapes from black contact paper. For cold climates, wear a long-sleeved black T-shirt underneath.

    To create a ferocious face, used hypo-allergenic face paint. Tiger claws are press-on nails painted with black nail polish.

    The outfit is rounded out with chino pants, white sneakers, and the tiger is carrying children's golf club bag on his shoulder .(If you do not have one, it can be created by covering the faces of hockey sticks with aluminum foil and placing in backpack).

    Bag of Jelly Beans
    Lay out oversized cellophane bag on work surface so that top of bag is opened portion. Cut out leg holes at bottom of bag and reinforce with clear duct tape.

    Blow up 30 to 40 small-sized pastel balloons.

    Have child step into the bag and then fill it with balloons.

    The top of the bag should rest just below armpits; cinch with decorative wide wired ribbon a few inches below rim of bag. Tie ribbon into oversized bow in front.

    Children should wear long-sleeved white or pastel T-shirt and matching tights or leggings from their closets.