Bonnie Sweeten: Mom Guilty of Disney World Abduction Hoax Now Detained in Federal Fraud

Bonnie Sweeten, of Pennsylvania, faked the abduction of herself and her daughter on Tuesday. She called 911 with a frantic claim that they had been stuffed in the trunk of a car by two men. The abduction proved false when she was found with her daughter in an Orlando, Fla. hotel Wednesday night.
Bonnie Sweeten (AP)

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. (CBS/AP) Bonnie Sweeten, a suburban mother once arrested at Disney World after calling in a hoax abduction of her daughter, has been ordered held in a $700,000 federal fraud case.

The FBI took custody of 39-year-old Bonnie Sweeten early Friday from the Bucks County Prison, after she served 10 months for the hoax kidnapping. A magistrate later appointed Sweeten a public defender, and ordered her held until a detention hearing set for Wednesday.

The white mother of three called 911 in May 2009 to say she and her daughter had been carjacked and abducted near Philadelphia by two black men.

Instead, Sweeten fled to Florida amid a large-scale swindling probe. The indictment says the former paralegal and office manager stole money from an elderly relative to repay funds diverted from her employer.

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