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Bone Fragment Found Next to Phillip Garrido's House "Probably Human," Say Cops

(AP Photo/El Dorado County Sheriffs)
ANTIOCH, Calif. (AP) A sheriff's spokesman says a bone fragment pulled from the backyard of a home where kidnapping suspect Phillip Garrido once stayed is probably human.

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Contra Costa County Sheriff's Department spokesman Jimmy Lee said Tuesday that was the assessment of a forensic expert who performed tests on the fragment recovered last week.

(Family Photo)
Photo:Jaycee Lee Dugard sometime before she was kidnapped in 1991.

Lee says it is not unusual to recover Native American remains in the area.

But the department has asked the state crime lab to perform DNA tests to determine the bone's age and whose it was.

Investigators discovered the shard in the yard of the home next to the one where Garrido and his wife, Nancy, allegedly held Jaycee Dugard captive for 18 years.

(Nick Stern)
Photo: Backyard tent that police say housed Jaycee Dugard and her two daughters.

For a brief time in 2006, Garrido took care of the neighboring house while it was vacant and sometimes camped in the yard.

Photos: The Search For Jaycee
Photos: Jaycee Lee Dugard Found Alive
Photos: Inside Jaycee's Terror Tent


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