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Bond Girl An Oxford Graduate

In the new James Bond movie "Die Another Day," actress Rosamund Pike gives new meaning to the phrase, "bonding with your co-stars." She not only locks lips with Pierce Brosnan, she also crosses swords with last year's Academy Award winning actress, Halle Berry.

Perhaps even more challenging, she crosses wits with another Oscar winner, Dame Judi Dench.

At her first big Hollywood premiere, Pike may have looked at home amid the bright lights for the 007 film, but it's unfamiliar territory for the 23-year-old Oxford graduate. She is usually center-stage in London, performing Shakespeare.

"I'm feeling fantastic. I mean, to be here at a building I've seen since I was a little kid, opening a movie I'm in, it's just fantastic," said Pike at the movie premiere.

Was she thrilled to find that she would be a Bond Girl?

"Yeah, a piece of movie history is pretty cool, I think," says Pike. "It's a huge honor, a huge vote of confidence, and a huge compliment to be offered a role like this."

As a Bond Girl, she gets to kiss Pierce Brosnan, who plays the famous spy with an eye for the ladies.

"I think James Bond is a pretty wonderful kisser," laughs Pike. "Whether Pierce Brosnan has a kiss for James Bond, and a kiss for his family, a kiss for his wife, I'm sure he does. And, um, as Bond, it's pretty good."

Pike also says it was fun to fight Halle Berry on screen.

"She's very bright, an Oxford grad," says Berry. "Beautiful, I think she made a stunning entrance into the movie business. She held her own."

"Her first day of work was two pages of dialogue with Dame Judi Dench," says Pierce Brosnan. "First day. She nailed it. So, she's on a roll."

Pike says she is excited that millions will be seeing her perform for the first time. She explains that she proud of the picture. But, there might be a price for her new fame.

"I think, maybe, I've just had my last summer of anonymity," Pike chuckles. "You know, being able to walk around my city, and, you know, tread it my way."

Her story reads like a Cinderella story, but it's one fairy tale that is far from over.