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Bomb Victim: I Will Not Stay Down

The nurse who was seriously injured in the Birmingham abortion clinic bombing says the blast accomplished nothing for abortion opponents.

"The clinic will stay open and the patients will continue to come," Emily Lyons said Monday.

Meeting with reporters for the first time since the January 29th blast, Emily Lyons said she'd like to ask the bomber what good he thought he would do? "What in the world were you thinking when you did this?" she asked.

Lyons' comments came during a crowded hospital news conference with husband, Jeff Lyons, at her side.

Lyons says the hardest part of her injuries is still not being able to see, and the most physically painful part is her badly injured left leg. But, she says, doctors have told her she should be able to do whatever she wants within six months to a year.

"This has got me down for a little bit, but I will come back and be functional again," Lyons told reporters. "I will not stay down."

She adds that she's not sure whether she will be physically able to return to work at the clinic.

The blast at the New Woman All Women Clinic badly injured Lyons and killed off-duty police officer Robert Sanderson, who was working clinic security.

A North Carolina man charged in the bombing, Eric Rudolph, still is a fugitive.

At the request of investigators, Lyons would not discuss the bombing and would not say what -- if anything -- she remembers of it.

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