Bomb Scare At LaGuardia Airport

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A plane at LaGuardia Airport was searched Thursday after someone reported finding a bomb threat against the plane on the Internet, officials said.

Officials from the Transportation Security Administration said all luggage and passengers were searched after American Airlines flight 382, with 117 passengers aboard, landed in New York, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Orr. No bomb was found.

The threat against AA Flight 382 was telephoned into authorities at 12:30 PM and the plane landed at New York's LaGuardia at 12:39 PM.

All of the passengers were taken off the jet and canine teams checked luggage, which was spread out on the tarmac in a remote corner of the airfield, adds Orr.

The call came into a general number at the New York Police Department and was transferred to 911. The caller, who spoke slowly, claimed he had seen information on the Internet that there was a bomb on the flight, authorities said. The plane had apparently landed when the call was received.