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Boise Police on alert as skinhead festival approaches

(AP) BOISE, Idaho - Idaho authorities say the Boise mayor's office is fielding numerous complaints about a neo-Nazi music festival planned for early October.

A Boise Police Department sergeant says authorities have been on alert since advertisements for Hammerfest 2012 surfaced online.

KTVB-TV reports the white supremacist group Hammerskin Nation plans to hold the event Oct. 6 near Boise.

According to the SITE Monitoring Service, a private intelligence firm that searches the Internet for extremist activity, Hammerskin Nation is a skinhead group rooted in Texas. The gunman who killed six worshippers at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin last month described himself as a member.

Former neo-Nazi T.J. Leyden says he previously recruited for the group with events like Hammerfest.

Leyden famously left the movement in 1996 and has promoted tolerance ever since.

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