Boeing flying 787 Dreamliner from Texas to Wash.

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner operated by United Airlines takes off at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), Jan. 9, 2013.

EVERETT, Wash. Boeing is moving a single 787 Dreamliner Thursday from Fort Worth, Texas, to Everett, Wash., where Boeing's main facility is located.

The Federal Aviation Administration gave the company permission to relocate the plane, which was at Meacham Airport for painting when the planes were grounded last month by battery problems.

Although the battery is being closely monitored, it's not a test flight. It is a repositioning flight and the FAA grounding remains in place, CBS News confirms. The FAA is still considering a separate Boeing request for 787 test flights.

"While our work to determine the cause of the recent battery incidents continues in coordination with appropriate regulatory authorities and investigation agencies, we are confident - as is the FAA - that the 787 is safe to operate for this activity," Boeing said in a statement. "Safety of the crew on board is our top priority."

Meanwhile, United Airlines is taking the troubled plane out of its flying plans for the rest of this month. United says it has replaced its six 787s with other planes.

United Continental Holdings Inc. spokeswoman Megan McCarthy says the plane swaps include new flights from Houston to Lagos, Nigeria, which were supposed to switch to a 787 in late January. She says United still plans to start new flights from Denver to Tokyo's Narita airport on March 31.

Japan's All Nippon Airways on Wednesday canceled its 787 flying through March 30.

Federal officials say it could be weeks before they know what caused a 787 battery fire last month.