Body parts at center of Hollywood murder mystery

Late Thursday night, Los Angeles police detectives executed a search warrant on the third floor of an an apartment building. They sifted through garbage cans, and carried out a box full of evidence, hoping it would provide important clues.

Their hunt began Tuesday, when professional dog walker Lauren Kornberg stumbled upon a grisly discovery in the hills below the famed Hollywood sign.

"I looked over and it rolled down the hill, and fell down into a ravine," Kornberg said. "I thought it might have been a soccer ball, I turned to my mom and said that it actually looked like a head and so we thought maybe it was some sort of a movie prop."

The next day, coroners cadaver dogs found two feet and two hands in a shallow grave within 50 yards of the head. Police believe the body parts all belong to the same victim - likely in his 60s.

The coroner told police the victim had only been dead for several days. So they went back to the Missing Persons reports to look at information from the last couple of weeks. They zeroed in on an individual and visited his friends and associates. They found his boyfriend and his boyfriend said - yes - he's been missing. The boyfriend was questioned Thursday night and is not regarded as a suspect.

CBS News correspondent John Miller is the former head of LAPD's major crime division. Watch the video above for Miller's details on the investigation's next steps.
  • John Miller

    John Miller is a senior correspondent for CBS News, with extensive experience in intelligence, law enforcement and journalism, including stints in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the FBI.