Body Found at Sea as Ocean Burial Goes Awry

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The Broward Sheriff's Office has identified the man whose body was found four miles off shore near Port Everglades on Saturday and the story behind this bizarre discovery has quite a twist, reports CBS station WFOR in Miami.

When the body was first discovered by a fisherman, foul play of some sort was thought to be involved, but this case was anything but sinister.

According to authorities, the man was 63-year-old Daniel Lasky of Hickory, North Carolina. He died on Sept. 8 from Lou Gehrig's Disease and his family drove his body to Fort Lauderdale for a burial at sea. His family and friends headed out to sea on board the "Mary B III" on September 10th where they said their final goodbyes and completed the ocean burial.

Unfortunately, Lasky's body floated back to the surface and was discovered by the fisherman the next day.

Authorities are conferring with the U.S. Coast Guard before concluding their investigation.