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Bobby Flay Takes On Fancy Foods

Once a year, the "Fancy Food Show" comes to New York and showcases the latest, tastiest -- and sometimes weirdest -- trends in the food business.

"The Early Show" 's resident chef, Bobby Flay, was there, sampled its fare and reported back Tuesday on "The Early Show" about some foods that caught his attention.

The Fancy Food Show is a chance for restaurateurs, supermarket buyers, and chefs to see what the trends are going to be for the upcoming year. From the weird to the high end, this show has a little something for everyone. How about duck bacon? Or chocolate bars with panko bread crumbs?

Flay focused on:

All Natural Tortilla Chips, Laurel Hill
They come in the following choices: olive and caper (finalist for Outstanding New Product of 2009), pepita and spice (blend of pumpkin, pepita, and sweet spices), sea salt and lime, and multigrain (quinoa, brown rice, chai, oat bran, flax seed).

All Natural Corn Chips, Food Should Taste Good
There are 11 different flavors available, all with natural ingredients.

French Pastry Pizzas and Galettes, Olive Street Table
These are gourmet frozen, French-pastry pizzas and savory galettes. Varieties include tomato pesto, feta kalmata, goat cheese and onion. The crust is unusual as it is a basic pie crust, giving the pizza a flaky texture.

The Panko Bar, Chuao Chocolatier
This brand new chocolate bar incorporates roasted panko breadcrumbs and sea salt. The company's chocolatier was inspired by his childhood sandwiches of baguette and chocolate cooked on a panini press. The company is marketing a only bittersweet bar at the moment, but at Flay's request, has created a milk chocolate bar and is now considering marketing that as well.

All Natural Slice and Bake Cookies, Ice Box Bakery
These are the new, health-conscious version of the common slice-and-bake cookie dough. The creator is a busy mom and a pastry chef who wanted an easy to way make cookies that wouldn't be loaded down with preservatives and artificial ingredients. These were the result. They come in a variety of flavors.

Yuzu Marmalade, Sid Wainer & Son Specialty Foods
Yuzu is an Asian citrus fruit not very well known in this country. It looks like a small grapefruit and can be yellow or green in color. It has very little flesh, and is mostly pith. In fact, this marmalade packs more than 30 yuzus into each jar, capturing the sweet, citrus flavor. The fruit is usually very tart, so honey is added for sweetness.

Surriano Dried Cure Ham and Prosciutto, Surry Farms
Duck Bacon, D'Artagnan

A new twist on traditional bacon that keeps the flavor and is only half the fat of pork bacon. This product is made from moulard duck breast and has a rich, smokey flavor. The bacon comes from D'Artagnan, whose philosophy is to use ALL parts of the animal.

Acai Black Current Superfruit Syrup, Sonoma Syrup Co.
This company has a variety of flavor-infused syrups, the latest of which is Acai Black Current.

The syrups can be used in drinks and on desserts, and this newest flavor offers the benefits of superfruits. It is another of the finalists for Outstanding New Product of 2009.

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