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Bobbling For The Colonel

Oh, they are artsy at PETA sometimes. Consider the latest publicity bid by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

To promote their campaign to push KFC to better treat the chickens it is going to kill, the group sent us a bobblehead featuring Colonel Sanders, bloodied and holding a butcher knife and a bird, and a pen.

The pen also features the campaign's website address,, which links to the lovely Pam Anderson and pop star Pink spoofing KFC's real site (which now offers three yummy $2.99 deals).

The latest bobblehead is a copy of another larger bobble we received months ago, that one a crazy-eyed colonel.

Naturally, the pen is filled with blood-red ink. Hope we didn't upset your dinner plans. Tonight might be a good time for a salad.

By Paul Bedard

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