Bobblehead Bill And Glam Hill

If you were an executive at Mattel toys, you probably couldn't have done a better job making Bill and Hillary Clinton dolls than the two new ones we're revealing today: Bill as a basketball bobblehead and Hillary as a grown-up Barbie. The bobblehead is a beaut, showing the gray-haired Bubba as a member of the local NBA Development League team the Rimrockers.

Naturally, he's wearing No. 42, as in the 42nd president of the United States. It was sponsored by a local Arkansas car company, Crane Automotive, and given away at a recent game, reports our Suzi Parker. For the record, Clinton has suggested that either Georgetown University or UCLA will win the NCAA Championship.

And we should point out that the Rimrockers bobblehead is different from the one the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum store sells.

Then there's a stiffer Hillary doll. Yes, that's really her, looking like a younger Cybill Shepherd. It's sold at the Clinton Presidential Library and Museum. And we hear that everything Hillary is hot at the museum store, especially a button with her profile on it.

By Paul Bedard