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Bobbing For Pumpkins

Here's something you probably didn't know: Pumpkins float.

It's a lesson Oklahoma farmers are learning, after heavy rains left their pumpkin patches under two feet of water. Many Oklahoma farmers had gotten into the pumpkin business for the first time this spring, after (of all things) a severe drought wiped out their crops.

Now those farmers are thankful that heavy autumn rains haven't washed out profits for the second time in the same year. Gary Franklin, who lost his entire soybean crop, was more than happy to strap on his waders, pull out his fishing boat, and go bobbing for pumpkins.

There's even some good news in the pumpkin lake that he now finds on his property, according to Franklin. He says the harvest has actually provided relief from typically back-breaking labor. You don't have to bend down so far to pick up the floaters, and towing a pumpkin-laden boat through the water is a breeze.

But farmers shouldn't get too comfortable with their new harvesting techniques. According to CBS Affiliate KWTV in Oklahoma City, flood waters are already receding, and little rain is expected the rest of the week.

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