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Bob Marley documentary previewed at Cannes, marks anniversary

The late reggae star Bob Marley smiles in this promotional photo released in 1981. AP

(CBS) - A documentary about Bob Marley will be previewed today at the Cannes Film Festival, marking the 30th anniversary of the legendary reggae artist's death.

"Marley," directed by Oscar-winner Kevin McDonald, will feature his family's private archives of music, photographs and film, BBC 6 Music reports.

Pictures: Cannes Film Festival 2011

McDonald, whose past works include "The Last King of Scotland," "Touching the Void" and "One Day in September," a documentary that won him an Oscar in 2000, said that he traveled all over the world to film "Marley."

"Part of the idea is trying to look at the influence he's had all around the world," McDonald told the BBC.

"We filmed in Tunisia because Bob Marley was culturally influential in the recent revolution," he said. "People were chanting 'Get up, stand up' (a song written by Marley) when they were demonstrating in the streets."

McDonald added that his interest in the film was to depict how Marley's music speaks to people.

"Unlike any other popular musician, his philosophy, his lyrical message continue to resonate with people," he said.

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