Bob Fuss

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Bob Fuss was named Capitol Hill correspondent for CBS Radio in September 1998.

His first story for CBS News was the impeachment of President Clinton followed by the Senate trial. He covers the House and Senate for CBS Radio as well as other national political stories.

Prior to joining CBS News, Fuss covered Capitol Hill for Mutual and NBC Radio for seven years. From 1977-1991, he was Correspondent and Los Angeles Bureau Chief for UPI Radio Network, working prior to that for UPI in New York and Dallas, Texas.

Fuss has covered national political conventions since 1976 and has traveled on Presidential Campaign since 1980, when he covered Ronald Reagan's campaign and election.

After covering the 2000 campaign, he joined CBS News' award-winning coverage of the Florida recount, the 9/11 terror attacks and the sniper shootings.

While politics is now his prime focus, Fuss has covered a great variety of news stories in his career, including the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos in the Philippines, the San Francisco and Mexico City earthquakes, the opening of the Alaskan oil pipeline and the NASA Voyager missions to the outer planets and the early years of the Space Shuttle. While based in Los Angeles, Fuss also covered show business, including 15 consecutive Academy Awards shows.

Fuss was born March 15, 1954, in Bayshore, N.Y., but raised in Los Angeles. He graduated with honors from Stanford University in 1974, completing majors in Communication and History.

He currently lives in Falls Church, Va.