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Bo Can't Be The Boss Of The Obamas

Bo the Portuguese water dog that has recently taken up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue is as cute as can be. The six-month-old puppy met the press yesterday and there were about 60 reporters and camera folk out on the South Lawn to record the event.

This dog is seriously cute - with a buoyant personality and a face for TV. But, there was something disturbing about the pictures. Every time a different member of the first family grabbed the leash, Bo was pulling them hither and yon.

Portuguese water dogs are notoriously smart. And unless something changes soon, Bo will learn that he is in charge. And if Bo is in charge his welcome will quickly wear out.

Dog training is really a misnomer. The good trainer trains the family, not the pet. Some simple behavior modification will do wonders and Bo and the Obamas will live happily ever after.

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But, Mr. President a quick final piece of advice: Don't wait.

By Harry Smith

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