Bo Bice's Life After 'American Idol'

There were, however, two important changes in Bo's personal life in the last year. On June 15, he married his long-term girlfriend, Caroline Fisher. The couple welcomed their son, Aidan Michael Bice, into the world on Sept. 24, 2005.

Bo, now 30, said he and his band members think being family men is more important than being rock stars.

"We're all dads and husbands. That's our big gig," he said. "It just so happens that we get to pretend we're rock stars for an hour a day."

Even though he talks to his wife "at least a dozen times a day" and she sends him photos of their son to his cell phone, he thinks his wife might not mind the time apart.

"I'm sure the wives like us being gone more than we know," he jokes.

Looking forward, Bo has plenty of gigs lined up over the next several months, and he's still busy promoting "The Real Thing."

He's also excited about performing as part of a tribute to his idols, southern rock legends Lynyrd Skynyrd, as part of the VH1 Classic Decades Rock Live concert series.

The concert will be taped at the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, N.J., on June 23 and will air on VH1 Classics at a yet-to-be-announced later date.

For Bo, playing with Lynyrd Skynyrd is literally beyond his wildest dreams.

"Just to be able to be a part of the music as a fan is an incredible experience," said Bo. "To be able to call them buddies now is pretty ridiculous to me.

"Even when I was a kid and dreamed to one day be doing what I'm doing now this was never even in the dream, getting to jam with Skynyrd and stuff like that. It's definitely a big honor."

For Bo, life after "American Idol" means jamming with his idols, releasing and promoting a new album, playing plenty of gigs and spending time with a loving family.

Sometimes nice guys finish second — and that ain't bad.

By Judy Faber