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Blur announces first album in 12 years

Few people were probably expecting to wake up to a new album announcement from English rock band Blur, but today that's exactly the case. The band -- fronted by the Gorillaz' Damon Albarn -- is releasing its first full-length LP in 12 years.

"The Magic Whip", their first since 2003's "Think Tank", is out April 27.

Blur also announced they're going to perform in London on June 20. When asked during a press conference if they're going to perform in America, they replied, "maybe, if anyone's interested."

Blur rose to fame in the early '90s alongside other British alt-pop bands like Oasis and Pulp who had success on U.S. airwaves. They're best known for songs like "Parklife" and "Coffee And TV".

"The Magic Whip" track list

1. Lonesome Street

2. New World Towers

3. Go Out

4. Ice Cream Man

5. Thought I Was a Space Man

6. I Broadcast

7. My Terracotta Heart

8. There Are Too Many of Us

9. Ghost Ship

10. Pyongyang

11. Ong Ong

12. Mirror Ball