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Bloomberg says he didn't bother to keep Trump's personal cell phone number

The way Mike Bloomberg tells it, after Donald Trump was elected president and before he assumed office, the fellow New York City businessman "let it be known that he wanted a call from me." Bloomberg obliged.

The two "had a pleasant conversation," the Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City mayor said, adding that Mr. Trump gave Bloomberg his personal cellphone number. But, Bloomberg said, he didn't bother to write it down.

"I said, 'Look, you've got to get people that have knowledge of each of these areas: defense and finance and commerce and all of these things that he knows nothing about," Bloomberg told CBS News.

"I said. 'If you could get good people and delegate to them, then you can have a decent administration.' And he said, 'Thank you very much.' He couldn't have been more polite, as I remember."

Election 2020 Michael Bloomberg
Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, center, greets supporters at a campaign office in Scarborough, Maine on January 27, 2020 Robert F. Bukaty / AP

Bloomberg smiled, then said, "He did give me his private cell phone number, which I didn't bother to write down. And I've never talked to him since."

CBS News asked where Bloomberg was on the night of the 2016 election. "I don't remember election night," Bloomberg replied, then paused.  His eyes lit up. "Actually, I do remember election night."

"Everybody was talking about that Trump was gonna win. And the stock market was going to collapse. Half of that was true."

Bloomberg continued, "But I thought days before that Hillary was in trouble. I remember being at a dinner, and maybe 10 couples around the table. Somebody said — it's a throwaway line — 'Anybody here kind of vote for Donald Trump?' And two thirds of the people put up their hands, and I said, 'Oh, Hillary is going to have a problem."'

Bloomberg opened his Portland office Monday as he visited his final Super Tuesday state. The office, adorned with "Mike 2020" signage that features a lighthouse growing out of the letter K, is something out of a movie set.

Outside, people pressed their faces to the windows, standing out in 35 degrees to catch a glimpse of Bloomberg.

Bloomberg has three offices and 15 staffers in Maine — more than the Trump campaign. "I promise to keep every office open until November 3," Bloomberg told a cheering crowd.

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