Bloomberg Declines To Endorse In Minnesota

As CBS News' Steve Chaggaris noted Wednesday, political junkies this week planned to closely watch independent New York mayor Michael Bloomberg's address this morning to the Independence Party of Minnesota, where some thought Bloomberg might endorse a candidate. John McCain met with the party's chairman, Craig Swaggert, two weeks ago; along with his party, Swaggert is generally pro-McCain.

Bloomberg has now given that address – and, perhaps unsurprisingly, he is keeping whatever leanings he might have close to the vest. As the Associated Press reports, "Bloomberg praised both Democrat Barack Obama and Republican John McCain. He says both are capable of acting independently and standing up to partisan special interests." No endorsements here.

The billionaire, who reportedly considered a presidential run of his own, complimented Obama for his stances on background checks at gun shows and on the federal gas tax. He praised McCain for his positions on immigration, campaign finance reform and global warming.