Bloggers Bash Their Bosses

Anne Hathaway in 20th Century Fox's The Devil Wears Prada - 2006
CBS/The Early Show
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While moviegoers rushed out to catch "The Devil Wears Prada," bloggers took to their keyboards to blast their own bad bosses. Read what they have to say. And, did Ken Lay really die? Some bloggers aren't so sure and have spread conspiracy theories throughout the blogosphere. Plus, who is Rocketboom's new host? Find out below.

And You Think Your Boss Is Bad

Sure, Meryl Streep is a great actress, but in the blogosphere, "The Devil Wears Prada" has become a hit because many bloggers can relate to working for a difficult boss.

"It reminded me of my previous life as a cosmetics slave when I worked for the Lauder corporation from my 24th to my 31st years," Stephen writes at Sandwich Cake. "I had bosses that made the Streep character seem like a girl scout."

The movie has inspired several online contests seeking entries in the "bad boss" area. Public Radio sponsored a contest, seeking stories from people who have been bad bosses as well as from people who've had bad bosses.

The AFL-CIO's blog also sponsored an online "Bad Boss Story" contest, in which the lucky winner gets a free vacation, presumably well-deserved. An Arizona woman wrote in with her plight: "My husband became seriously ill requiring hospitalization and my missing work and my boss made me prove that I was actually married to him," she wrote.

And in California, an employee wrote: "My boss was not bad, he was indefatigably oppressive and manipulative in his actions … He kept making comments that I should take medication for ADD. He'd give me something to do and 5 minutes later he would be calling me and saying what's taking me so long."

Of course, it's not the first time Hollywood has tackled the mean boss. Jenster at No Such Nonsense lists other bad bosses portrayed in Hollywood, such as Katherine Parker in "Working Girl" and Bill Lumbergh in "Office Space." (And I'd add that if you've ever seen "Swimming With Sharks," "The Devil Wears Prada's" Miranda isn't looking so bad.)

Forget Hollywood, the Parisian Princess says, she's had her own fair share of bad bosses. She lists her boss pet peeves on her blog. Among her requests are that bosses not comment on her shoes or clothing: "This sounds crazy but I have actually had a boss comment that my very professional high heels were 'too noisy' and could I please wear flats," she blogs.

So what can you do if you're stuck with a bad boss, some bloggers ask. "Ignore them? Tweak them from time to time? Wait 'til they go too far and find a way to punish them?" BitingBlondeWit questions. And she offers the best cyber-savvy revenge: "Blog them ..."

Ken Lay Is In The Building

The coroner said a heart attack killed Enron founder Kenneth Lay last week. But bloggers weren't nearly as convinced. After all, his death came on the last day of his family vacation in Colorado, without him serving a single day in prison, and it may enable his family to hold on to its assets.

No, Lay's death was just too coincidental, many bloggers said, coming just before he faced sentencing for six counts of fraud and conspiracy and four counts of bank fraud, igniting conspiracy theories. Lay was among Technorati's 10 most popular search terms over the weekend, and it's doubtful bloggers were searching for facts about Enron.

In fact, many didn't think Lay died at all. "Word on the street is that he's actually chillin' in the Dominican Republic, fanning himself with his offshore money he squirreled away and sharing a pitcher of sangria with Tupac," NemesisBecoming blogs.

Dvork Uncensored agrees "this is just too convenient." "The report says his heart 'just gave out.' What does that mean? I think this should be thoroughly investigated," he blogs.

Some sense a conspiracy theory at play. "His pastor, Steve Wende of Houston's First United Methodist Church in Houston, made the first announcement that Ken Lay had died of a heart attack — but Lay was located in Colorado where he was said to have died. Why was the news broke by 'a pastor' friend back in Houston and not a professional ER-unit in Colorado?" givemelibertyorgivemedeath writes at The Daily Kos.

One site even tracks "the movements of the 'late' Kenneth L. Lay, convicted felon and former CEO of Enron Corporation." Ken Lay Is Alive encourages people with Lay sightings to submit them to their site, which already features tips on how to spot Lay in possible disguises, ranging from a blond-haired wig to a new race.

And for those not speculating about his sudden death, some are capitalizing on the theories. Ken Lay Lives proclaims "Ken Lay is Alive. He obviously faked his death to live a life of comfort and freedom," and sells T-shirts for $14.95 each. The site says they've sold over 14,000 units so far.