Blindsided: The exoneration of Brian Banks

Has Brian Banks' dream of an NFL career been delayed or even destroyed by a false charge of rape and five years in prison?

Wanetta Gibson: No.]

Brian Banks: "We got it." Just, "The truth is out. The truth is out." I honestly wanted to stand up and walk out of there, there was nothing else to talk about.

[Judge: Brian Banks, Case number NA05491...]

And with the help of the California Innocence Project, Brian took the taped confession to the district attorney's office, who viewed the new evidence, met with Wanetta Gibson, and agreed to recommend to the judge that Brian be exonerated.

[Daniel Ferreira: The people's motion to dismiss this case pursuant to Section 13...

Judge: Anything else?

Daniel Ferreira:: Nothing...]

At that moment, a 10-year nightmare was over for both Brian and his mother.

Leomia Myers: I wanted to scream and shout for joy. I just slouched in my chair and cried. I was just so happy, so happy. That he was free. Because he wasn't free before. You're not free when you have an ankle bracelet on your ankle. It was like your shackle. You're not free when you can't go to a park, or you can't go to your niece's birthday party because of other kids are around. You're not free. Just to see him in the courtroom and the way he responded, it was the best news I've ever had. The best news that I've-- that I've ever had. And I'm just so thankful to God that he's free.

Outside the courtroom, Brian and his defense team celebrated and Deputy District Attorney Daniel Ferreira explained the court's decision ...

Daniel Ferreira: We believe the recantations of the witness, we do not believe Mr. Banks did the crime that he plead guilty to, and therefore, justice has been served.

Banks went straight home that night where, as this cellphone video shows, he wasted no time in getting rid of the device that he had been wearing for five straight years.

Brian Banks' original defense attorney, Elizabeth Harris, declined to talk to 60 Minutes as did Wanetta Gibson who has not returned the money she won in her lawsuit. For its part, the school district has not reached out to get it back.

James Brown: You still have no hopes or desires that she be gone after aggressively?

Brian Banks: No. None whatsoever.

James Brown: Why not?

Brian Banks: My main focus has just been on me.

And from day one, that focus meant football - even if now, playing in the NFL was more of a long shot than ever. But the next turn his story took was another dose of the improbable.

Brian Banks: A few days after I was exonerated, I got a phone call from a 213 number. I'm, like, "Hello." And the voice on the other end goes, "Yeah, I'm looking for a linebacker. You know where I can find one?" I said, "Yeah, yeah, you got the right number, but who is this?" And he says, "It's Coach Carroll."