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"Blind date" ends with suitor robbed, cops say

CHICAGO - Police in Aurora, Ill. say a man got more than he bargained for when he showed up for a blind date, reports CBS Chicago.

Authorities say a 24-year-old Willowbrook man was under the impression he was going to meet, in person, a 21-year-old woman he had met online, but when he showed up at the appointed time and place, three men attacked and robbed him, according to the station.

It may seem like the perfect match online, bu... 02:27

The victim reportedly says the men stole his car and fired a shot at him.

Following the incident, Aurora Police spokesman Dan Ferrelli issued a warning to those involved in online dating.

"When you are dealing with social media, you've got a tremendous cloak of anonymity," he said. "You don't know what you are getting into. You got to be careful."

Authorities have not identified any suspects, reports the station.

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