Bleep This

(GETTY IMAGES/Brad Barket )
In space, no one can hear you scream.

On television, though, they can hear you swear.

And an appeals court says that's just fine.

According to the Associated Press:

A federal appeals court on Monday found that a new Federal Communications Commission policy penalizing accidentally aired expletives was invalid, saying it was "arbitrary and capricious" and might not survive First Amendment scrutiny...

...The new policy was put in place after a January 2003 broadcast of the Golden Globes awards show by NBC when U2 lead singer Bono uttered the phrase "f------ brilliant." The FCC said the "F-word" in any context "inherently has a sexual connotation" and can trigger enforcement.

Monday's ruling favored Fox's challenge to the FCC's finding of indecency in regards to a Dec. 9, 2002, broadcast of the Billboard Music Awards in which singer Cher used the phrase "F--- 'em" and a Dec. 10, 2003, Billboard awards show in which reality show star Nicole Richie said, "Have you ever tried to get cow s--- out of a Prada purse? It's not so f------ simple."

To Ms. Richie's question, I can only answer "No." I'll take her word for it.

All seven letters of it.