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Blake Shelton says divorce from Miranda Lambert was "so fast"

There was no painful dragging of feet for Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert when the country stars divorced in July.

Shelton told "The Bobby Bones Show" on Wednesday that the split was speedy and amicable.

"In Oklahoma, it happens so fast," Shelton said. "Like, Miranda and I didn't have any kids, and we had a prenuptial agreement, whatever we had. Once we filed for divorce, it was over in, like, I think it was like a nine or 10-day waiting period until it's over."

Shelton said he and Lambert planned for the divorce to be fast.

"We knew if rumblings and rumors started coming out, they would just be that," Shelton told the radio show. "By the time anybody knew anything, it was over ... It was done."

But the couple's split was very amicable. The two are still pals and tweet at each other and joke around.

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