Blake Shelton and Luke Bryan take on the ACMs: How did they do?

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton teamed up for the first time as co-hosts of the Academy of Country Music Awards on Sunday night, bringing in a few laughs and smiles throughout the night.

The jokes got started right away, with Shelton saying, "How about a shout out to the Sherwin Williams company for spray-painting Luke's jeans on for him tonight? You know what a Motel 6 and Luke's jeans have in common? There's no ballroom."

Soon after, Shelton told the crowd: "Luke and I are buddies in real life." Bryan responded, "Yeah, this isn't some made up country fiction like the show Nashville, where a faded, aging superstar is forced to team up with a hot, young sensation."

Playing on CBS' Grammy 2013 clothing guidelines, the co-hosts made up a few "bans" of their own for the ACMs, including no back fat, butt cracks - and you guessed it: a beer belly was not allowed.

Another funny moment came when Shelton introduced Jason Aldean's performance of "1994." "Back in 1994, Hunter Hayes was still breast-feeding," he said.

They injected some of that same kind of humor throughout the night. When Shelton introduced his wife, Miranda Lambert's performance, he told the crowd, "The coolest thing is that this morning I saw her naked."

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