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Bizarre ending to wild police chase of female armed robbery suspect

SHERMAN OAKS, Calif.-- Police chased an armed robbery suspect around the Southland -- and the ending was one of the strangest seen in a very long time.

CBS Los Angeles reportsthat the chase started in Sherman Oaks after a suspect stole another woman's car, authorities said.

The suspect was driving a black Tacoma Toyota pickup erratically.

Desmond Shaw in Sky9 said the suspect was hitting triple-digit speeds.

The chase ended in West Hills with the female suspect lunging for a police cruiser in a brazen attempt to elude authorities after getting out of a vehicle she allegedly stole.

She lost control of the vehicle exiting one freeway exit and raced across several medians.

"He's driving totally nuts, totally nuts," Shaw said, "And strangely he's also using his signal."

As it turned out, it wasn't a he at all. The suspect had been described as "armed and dangerous" by the LAPD, Shaw reported. But at no time did they say the suspect was a woman.

The suspect drove into a cul-de-sac in West Hills and got momentarily stuck before she went through a yard and got away.

The suspect exited the vehicle after police did a PIT maneuver on the vehicle.

The female suspect appeared to leap for the police vehicle that pulled behind her and try to commandeer that vehicle. At that point, a half dozen officers jumped on her and pulled her to the ground.

"She just made one incredibly brazen move," Shaw said.

KCAL9's Jennifer Kastner says police helped track the suspect because the victim's personal property -- including a "Find My Phone" app" -- were left in the vehicle.

Kastner spoke to the carjack victim -- she didn't want her face shown. She said she heard the suspect trying to steal her car ourside of her home.

"I just ran out of the house and I saw a woman I did not know, sitting in my far and backing up," said the victim.

Before the suspect was able to take off, the victim said the suspect tried to run her over.

"I was still trying to get in the car. I was trying to open the door, but she was driving so badly, I didn't want to get crushed," the victim said.

Officials said the suspect complained of leg pain she said she sustained during the chase and was taken to a hospital for a physical evaluation.

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