Bizarre “Army of One” trailer features Nicolas Cage hunting for Osama bin Laden

Nicolas Cage attends Paul Schrader: From Script to Screen in Hollywood, California, on September 30, 2016.

Lilly Lawrence/AFP/Getty Images

This is certainly an original idea for a movie. 

Nicholas Cage’s latest film foray is “Army of One,” in which he plays Gary Faulkner, an ex-con who believes he’s been ordered by God (played by Russell Brand) to travel to Pakistan in the early 2000s and capture Osama bin Laden. 

Don’t worry, it’s a comedy. 

The film is loosely based on the story of the real Faulkner -- who was found in the mountains of Pakistan in 2010 during his eleventh attempt to bring down bin Laden, as profiled by GQ at the time. 

Cage appears sufficiently crazed in the trailer, released Tuesday, and the film is directed by Larry Charles, who helmed “Borat,” “Bruno” and “The Dictator,” all starring Sacha Baron Cohen. 

“Army of One” will be available on VOD November 4 and home video November 15.

Army of One (2016) Starring Nicolas Cage, Russell Brand - Trailer by Consequence of Sound on YouTube