Binge (Dec. 23, 1999)

Find out about a 16-year-old recovering alcoholic; a mother who fights to stop the crowds of underage American drinkers who converge on Tijuana, Mexico; an undergrad who celebrated his 21st birthday with 24 shots of hard liquor and ended up dead; and a man who's made it his mission to educate teens about alcohol advertising.

Their stories bring an up-close view of how alcohol bears a destructive influence on young lives. 48 Hours reports.

A Drunk At Age 12: Correspondent Susan Spencer profiles Shandra O'Connell, who seems like an ordinary teen. But this nondrinking alcoholic attends a special school, Sobriety High, where all the students are recovering substance abusers.

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A Drunken-Driving Tragedy: Correspondent Harold Dow reports on the case of Rick Modica, a gifted Princeton student killed two years ago when a drunken driver collided with the vehicle in which he was a passenger.

Campus Craze: Binge Drinking: Correspondent Erin Moriarty gives an update from Michigan State University, where heavy drinking has had deadly consequences.

Target Audience? Correspondent Bill Lagattuta reports on Peter DeBenedittis, a man on a mission. A recovering alcoholic, DeBenedittis visits New Mexico schools, educating teen-agers about the effects of alcohol advertising.

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