Bin Laden raid intel yields leads on al Qaeda No. 2 al Zawahiri

Ayman al Zawahri headshot, chief deputy to Osama bin Laden, Khost, Afghanistan
Ayman al Zawahri headshot, chief deputy to Osama bin Laden, in an undated photo from Khost, Afghanistan. AP

The intelligence community has obtained "positive intelligence" from the materials taken from Osama bin Laden's compound which is helping narrow down the locations of core al Qaeda leadership including the whereabouts of Ayman al Zawahiri, al Qaeda's former No. 2 man and a candidate to succeed bin Laden.

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The intelligence source said that there are "numerous" leads giving them locations but cautioned that they are fluid as al Qaeda leaders may be on the run, changing their locations.

"It's not as easy as going to an address. They may not be there anymore but it helps a point of reference," the source said.

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Analysts are working around the clock scrutinizing the documents and 2.7 terabytes of computer data, knowing that the information may be perishable.

The tribal of Pakistan targeted in the strike is called the Datta Khel, where senior al Qaeda leadership is suspected of operating their training camps.

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